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St Patrick Festival has started!

by Kaiz on 03-18-14

St. Patrick's Festival has started! 2 quests are activated for 1 week.

Look for a Little Fairy in Comodo, and Ron Maclean in splendide.

Thx to Qhari for the Little Fairy Quest Story and Adhelle for the Ron Maclean :)



Also check the St. Patrick Scavenger Hunt Event!


Item Fixes, New Donation Costumes

by Kaiz on 02-28-14

The bugs on the following items are now fixed:
Golden Tulip Hairpin, Continental Guard, Mr. Smile, Whisper Mask, BG Sesame Pastry, Bradium Earring.
In case it wasn't announced before:
MvP do not work on conquest, there was a report that says it is because the equipments with those cards doesn't get unequipped, but actually the mvp card's effect is ignored.
As for the new items on donation shop, they are costume versions of Link Hat, Navi Fairy, Skull Hood, Musketeer Hat, Golden Gear, and Drooping girl.
Thank you to those who donated recently, even though I didn't release any new donation items yet.
That's it for now! Thank you for playing and Thank you for reading!

Date Modified : 02-28-14

To those who didn't update their clients for new patcher

by Kaiz on 02-26-14

Unfortunately you may need to download the latest lite installer in order to continue fetching future updates as the old patcher is now obsolete, it won't upgrade itself anymore or fetch updates made before the new patcher was released.
Basically, If you patcher do not look like this then please download the latest lite installer or better yet the full installer. Thank you for reading and sorry for the inconvenience! Q&A: Should I just download the new patcher intead of installer? No, because chances are you are also missing some older updates, to be safe from problems the new installers are needed.

Date Modified : 02-26-14

WoE & PvP

Friday (SE) Viblainn 22:00 - 24:00
Saturday (SE) Horn 14:00 - 16:00
Sunday (OldSchool) Novice Prt 03:00 - 04:00
Sunday (FE) *Rotates* 14:00 - 15:00